Thursday, January 4, 2007

Design Accountability

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The role of designers, like all things in this information age, is evolving. We are entering into a creative age and that will change the way designers think, act and work in the business world and more importantly how they interact with business executives.

In the past and present, depending on where you look, there has always been a clear distinction between the creative department and the business department, better know by ad agencies as the suits vrs. the creatives. With the dawn of the creative age, creativity and innovation are on the next horizon to propel business forward. In this new age “the suits” and “the creatives” will both need to talk the same language and work much closer together than they have ever before. This new collaborative style of working combined with accountability from both sides will lead to breakthroughs in innovation.

Design is being pushed to the forefront through products like the iPod and brands like Target all of which use design as a competitive advantage. With the increasing bombardment of messages all competing for viewers’ attention an opportunity exists for design to rise up. Designers will need to be more accountable for the results of their creative ideas and business managers will need to become a part of the creative process, with neither side directing or leading but working together toward a common goal. Gone are the days where we can point the finger of blame for the failure of a campaign or product launch or low conversion rate, design as well as management must become accountable.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject or ways you may have already propelled design accountability in your company. Let the conversation begin.

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