Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Conversation of Conversion

Conversations build trust
I was reading my copy of The Age Of Conversation last night and that got me thinking about how conversion is tied to conversation. Improving your websites conversation skills can dramatically increase the conversions of your online sales or lead generation.

What kind of dialogue is your site having with your prospective customers?

From the moment a web user enters a website they have essentially entered into a conversation with your company brand. To maximize this conversation your web presence needs to be designed for conversation in order to take advantage of conversion.

Conversion happens one step at a time, at each step an online prospect is actively making a choice to learn more through the links on your site. With each click a prospect is moving closer and closer through your conversion pathway and buying into what you’re selling or realizing that what you have to offer is not right for them, that is what’s driving them to convert weather that’s in one visit or multiple visits.

Is your Brand on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, The Podcast Alley, Etc. Etc.

Along the way to conversion a conversation is taking place. Your brand is communicating with your prospect through design and the language used throughout your site. And if you’re leveraging blogs and other web 2.0 applications your prospects and customers are hopefully communicating back.

Your Brand needs to leverage all the touch points it possibly can with it’s online presence. Each touch point like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Podcasting, Blogging is an opportunity to further that communication and move your prospect one-step closer to conversion.

Is your brand communicating towards conversion as effectively as it could be?

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